New Communities

New Essence Health Care Management Services can help develop new builds, from referendum to turnkey operations and ongoing management.

We can help every step of the way, including stages such as :

  • Landowners wishing to sell their land for the purpose of developing into a health care community can contact us as a first step in the process.
  • We will help landowners through the land development process.
  • We will operate the new community with a solid and proven Mission Statement, Vision, Policy and Procedure program.
  • We act as go-betweens between investors and the projects, ensuring best results for a healthy return on their investment.

Effective Response Operation Program

  • Each community we operate, mentor or manage is unique as is each Resident whom our employees serve. We believe¬† care should always be "Resident focused".
  • We will analysize the community's strengths and weaknesses, and prepare to reinforce the "soft" areas by ensuring that our on-call professional team will focus onto those areas in order to better them.
  • The Effective Response Operation Program¬†allows cost to be covered by us and not the contract provider.

In addition to the above services, Our Human Resources Professionals will take care of all your staffing needs, your employee retention and recruitment needs, and all other facets covered under our HR services. (read more)